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~*~The Butterfly Spreads Her Wings~*~

Mandy Grows Up

Mandy Brocklehurst
26 September
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..Wrapped in a cocoon of silk, this butterfly shall break free..

The pressure is slowly building for this young girl to live up to the impossible standards that her parents have set for her. Her mother is a glamourous witch, that embodies the very meaning of bewitching. Her father is a potions master that is known all over the world, as the best in his field. She has lived what most consider to be a life of privledge but in her eyes it was the life of a prisoner. Her opinions were not her own and her entire identity was carefully cultivated by her parents. They told her how to dress,how to act, and how to do just about everything. Hogwarts is the only place she can escape this torment and freely be her true self. 16 is the year where her intellect and hidden beauty will finally begin to reveal themselves. 16 is the year when Mandy Brocklehurst bursts from her cocoon and reveals the magnificent butterfly wings that were hiding for so long.